Educative Social Projects



125 Single Teacher Schools
These 125 schools have been established for those deprived children who cannot go to school because of their poverty, and because they are needed by their parents to help eke out an existence. These children are still able to perform their daily tasks, either in the fields, or attending to the cows and buffalos during the day, AND receive an education as well. In the evening, a teacher from the same village is employed to teach and educate the children in their own culture and heritage from 5 to 8 p.m. These children would otherwise receive no education whatsoever.




Balasai Free School
The Trust has established the first English medium free school in Andhra Pradesh. Nearly 310 children from the slums attend this school.

Children of the Sri Balasai Baba Free School 





  Balasai Concept School
It has been the wish of many parents to have an excellent school in the town of Kurnool like the Balasai International School. Now, 2 KNR central schools and 2 Raghavendra Vidya schools have adopted the same principles as the Balasai Concept School.
    In 2004, the Sri Balasai Baba Central Trust took over the management of the six existing daily schools in Kurnool. There the students are taught according to the educational concept of the Residential School. The students are required to pay only a small amount of tuition.

Village Schools

These schools are simple institutes offering free evening classes for the illiterate, so that they also may learn to read and write. The Trust supports 108 of these schools.

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