About the Founder

Sri Balasai Baba was born in a Hindu priest family on January 14, 1960 in the southern Indian town Kurnool. Sri Balasai Baba studied medicine, philosophy and law at university.
He lives an exemplary life in simplicity and universal love and teaches all who visit him to be selfless, helpful, perform charity, and have the right mental attitude. Moreover, he is nowadays an internationally renowned spiritual  leader and sought counsellor in mundane and spiritual matters.

In 1990 Sri Balasai Baba founded the public charitable trust ‘Sri Balasai Baba Central Trust’. His entire life is dedicated only to the welfare of human and the world. He is also the Regional Chancellor for Southern India of IAEWP (International Association of Educators for World Peace affiliated to United Nations - ECOSOC, UNDIP, UNESCO, UNCED, UNICEF).
His outstanding activities and dedication towards the destitute and for promotion of world peace have been recognized in the world for that he has received several distinguished international and national awards.
For instance, in January 2015, he was awarded the peace pole from the World Peace Prayer Society, N.Y. an affiliate to the UN.

He has passed away in Hyderabad, India on November 27, 2018.

Sri Balasai Baba (1960-2018)
Founder of Trust
Peace Maker

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