Further Activities

In 1990 Sri Balasai Baba established a charitable foundation, called 'Sri Balasai Baba Central Trust'. This foundation supports the following social projects: education, health-care, welfare, and the upbringing of children.  




Above: Next to Balasaibaba is the politician, Mr.Rajendra Singh Shekavath in white dress, son of the President of INDIA, H.E.Mrs. Pratibha Patil. He attended the social service program in 2010 when 500 families received household kits, and those who lost their jobs received carts for roadside trading, whilst widows received sewing machines. Many disabled people received wheelchairs and tricycles.


Wheelchair and Sewing Machine Project


The Sri Balasai Central Trust gives free lessons in sewing and tailoring where poor and destitute women are taught and trained in these skills in order for them to earn a living. Each of them will receive their own machine after they have completed the course, whilst the disabled from poor families receive wheelchairs. The founder of the Trust, Sri Balasai Baba persuades the young people amongst them not to depend on a wheelchair but to study as He is always ready to give them free education.


Photo above : From left to right. Balasai Baba encourages boys. A boy is a receiver of tricycle. Next, he handed over the man a wheelchair. The Union Minister for Tourism Sultan Ahmed, the Minister for Minor Irrigation T.G. Venkatesh and Sri Balasai Baba hand over a wheelchair to a child in social service program  2011.


Hundreds of saris and blankets were also given to the poor and destitute of Kurnool during the cold winter season. Recently, an additional 5000 saris and 2000 dhotis (waistcloths for men) were presented to the poor. 


Free Lunch Service


More than 128,000 people receive a free lunch at both the Kurnool Govt. General Hospital and MNJ Institute of Oncology, the Regional Cancer Centre in Hyderabad throughout the year. An additional 53,000 poor people also benefit from this service annually.


Above: Christina, a European singer attended the Free Lunch Service. Many Foreigners take part in this service and are always deeply touched by it.


Water Project

A free supply of drinking water is offered to the slum population of Kurnool in the hot season, and, on specific occasions to drought affected areas in the district of Kurnool . The drinking water, which is absolutely essential for survival, is bought by the Central Trust and transported in large tank trucks into the areas concerned.

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